The History of the Early Church

We call the Earliest Christians the Early Church. In the time when the early Christians began to start, it is also the time when the people in those days persecuted them that caused them to cool down. However, the early apostles still burn with passion and went out to other nations to spread the teachings of Jesus. Most Christians of today do not understand the history of the Christian Church and the meaning of the church disappeared like a bubble. There are many Christians appearing to bring out the history and dig out the origin of the Christians doctrines.

When the early church was established around  AD 30, there were so many people who directly received the teachings of Jesus. At that time, they obeyed the teachings of Jesus until 300 AD. In the time of Constantine, the church begin to be secularized and Christianity was favored by the emperor.

However, this was also the time the church lost all the teachings they have been following for more than 3 centuries. Then,  the dark ages started. From then on, many people have already forgotten the truth. In those days, people did not understand why they left the original teachings. The Western Church have already accepted pagan doctrines and brought in inside the church. At that time, people never thought of rejecting them. They were carried away by those teachings in order to escape persecution. All the early church teachings disappeared that is why they are not remembered today.

This evidence have been written by Roman Catholics in their books acknowledging the church doctrines as the doctrines of the Catholics(Early Western Church) only.