Teachings of the Early Christians

The early Christians followed only the teachings of Jesus. They never hesitated to follow them even to the point of death. Following the words of Jesus, they were dragged, flogged and were put to death by the sword of the Roman soldiers. What are the teachings of Jesus that they have followed?

Worshiping on the Sabbath day (Saturday). Because of these words, they were dragged to death, worshiped in the catacombs and things became harder fro them to live. They were not free for all the things that they had to do because of the persecution that they had to face.

The Early Christians too kept the Last supper. The Jews do not keep the Last Supper. People at that time thought that they were cannibals because they eat flesh and blood misunderstanding the flesh and blood as real flesh and blood. Often, people who never understand the meaning of that feast. In the time of Constantine, the Last Supper was abolished and until today, no one knew about this Passover.

Because of the teachings of Jesus, people went through severe sufferings but still they followed Him even to the point of death. There were cases when they were bitten by lions that was why they lost their lives. Nevertheless, they never gave up on the teachings of Jesus passed on to them. They happily died in the arms of the persecutors. There are many teachings of Jesus that they followed but it is not going to be mentioned on account of privacy.