Some of the 5 big myths about religion

religion is one of the issues that can make division even to families as each individual has their own beliefs and they can be influenced by their friends, husbands or wives or by their parents. There are many factors that lead to a person choosing one religion over another and starting to keep his faith. Even if there are many religions around the world, there should be the wheat that we should search that can give rest to our soul. Let us see the video about myths on religion.

Each person has the freedom to choose his own religion but sometimes because of the family members he just gives up on what he believes and accepts what is offered. There are many who converted to other religion so they can have their wedding in that church. But whatever was chosen over another if it is not the truth then it is just the same like transferring from a public school to another public school. There were some adjustments but not much as they have similarities except for the classmates as they are new.

When we make decisions in regard to what is right then we need to make sacrifices even if it is not easy. The video above already presents some considered myths in the world of religion. One of them is the biggest religious holiday of the Jews, view here. The fact is that one of the major religious festivals being celebrated is the Passover that allows them to remember their descendants being released from Egypt.