The story of the Old Testament shortly explained in about 5 minutes

Have you read the Bible from the first page until the last? Many have already done it but more are the numbers of those who did not. Others have been reading what they like to read and the parts that they can understand in their own way. There are books in the Old Testament that are not much being read like the Judges as it enumerates or narrates about the different judges of Israel. That is why the video about the Old Testament is very good.

Even if it is not a detailed one, you can have an understanding of the Old Testament. What happened to the people before and about some of the prophets that were sent by God to govern the people and teach them the laws that they have to keep. But it seems that they have the rebellious attitude and thoughts that are why they continually disobey the commandment of God. Great service for environment care has been done by this company here, open this website 消毒公司. Even if they are originally the chosen people of God but the blessing was also shared to the Gentiles as they make their creator angry to them.

Until now there are many who lives and believes in the Olt Testament ways and teachings. they did not understand how the Old Testament was fulfilled when Jesus came and established the new covenant that was prophesied long time ago. If you are interested in what you have watched in the video you can read your Bible o have more understanding. In a wedding occasion there is always the look of fashion styles from the gown of the bride, the bridesmaids and even guests. Giving up for the best designers who are working in here, they surely guarantee you the best services that will make you satisfied.