The 3 different aspect to prove that the Bible is fact

It is still an issue at this present time about the reliability of the Bible even if it was already proven that it is true. There are still some who cannot believe about the Bible. But the proof is already here and what we can do is to let is spread so many people can be reached out and those who had still some doubt can understand.  One of the videos below will be able to give a clear explanation that the Bible is fact through the scientific evidence.

The video above clearly explains the Bible descriptions that were already written thousands of years before it was discovered and described by scientists. From the law of universal gravitation to the water cycle it was clear how the Bible describes it. The terms it was used is different from the one in the Bible as the writer allowed by God cannot understand it yet and the words are not yet used at that time. But it cannot be denied that it is what it is like this best eye clinic learn tips here 眼科診所 假日. Let us see the infographic also that proves the reliability of the Bible.

The infographic above is a supplement of the video. What is here is already enough to prove that the Bible is true and what is written actually occurred. Refer also in the article over here 典範眼科. There are exemptions to the Bibles that were created by the religions to be able to prove their own doctrines. They have added books and made other Bibles that seems to be true.