8 Different Orthodox Christian Denominations

Here are the different Christian denomination emerged in the world. These Christian denominations have different interpretations from each other although their religion is only one. This is one of the questions of some some Christians due to the differences they have with each other. Why do the have different interpretations if they only have one religion?

1. Roman Catholics. This religion emerged since the beginning of the 3rd century in Rome. This is is why it is called Roman Catholics. They are spread in many areas.

2. Jehovah’s witnesses. This kind of Church started in America. They believe in Jehova as the name of God in this age.

3. Mormons. This Church was established in the name of Joseph Smith, the prophet of the church who, according to them, saw a  vision to establish a church.

4. Pentecost. This church is most famous in Asia but not really in the whole world. They believe in Jesus as the name of their Savior.

5. Born Again. This denomination came also from the west. They also have believe in Jesus as the name of Savior.

6. Baptist. This church is also the same with the Born Again Church. This church was founded by Luther as a protestant church when the Dark Ages was healing.

7. Methodist. This church to emerged from the west but its doctrines and teachings are different from other religions.

8. Presbyterian Church came from USA and spread to the east mostly in Korea. They also believe in Jesus as the Savior