6 Commonalities among Orthodox Christians

Although there are different Christian denomination with different doctrines, they have this common teachings that make them resemble each other.

Christmas. This teaching came from Roman Catholic that was instituted in 354 AD. This has spread among Christians. The RC acknowledge that this teaching did not come from the Early Church doctrines.

Sunday Service. The day the modern Christians worship on is Sunday, the first day of the week. Nevertheless, most Christian church leaders say that this day is not found in the Bible.

Cross-set up. The Roman Catholic Churches worships stones and woods such as cross and statue of Mary. However, most churches do not do that. looking into it, they set up a cross  top of their buildings which means they too revere the cross.

Forbidding to eat particular drinks or foods. Most churches forbids to eat some kind of food. For examples, one church forbids people to drink coffee, coke. Well, where do thy get those teaching. Perhaps from their prophets. There are certain foods forbidden.

Loud worship. Most Christians worship with loud music and they are even shouting. This is why they go for musical instruments but they are actually noisy. They said that so that their god will be awakened and hear their voices.

Christian Leaders have bad reputations. There are many Christian leaders whose behavior are very bad and that they are not loved by their members because they smoke, drink, gamble and many more. Christians behave like this?