Absolute Christians

What is Absolute Christianity? There are many Christians in this age, most of them conform to Orthodox Christianity. Then what is orthodox Christians and Absolute ones? Absolute Christianity indicates the original Christianity. Seeing the history of Christianity,we can see that the original Christians originate from Jerusalem where Jesus, the Messiah was born. However, we can also see that there are many people at that time regarding the new religion as cult or the Nazarene Sect. However, the teachings of Christianity was spread in the neighboring countries of Jerusalem like Rome, and Greece.

This religion is called Absolute, meaning perfect and original. Time passed by when people changed the original teachings of Christianity. According to many church history books like Halley’s Handbook, and historians, the original teachings were changed to new ones and that people accepted those new doctrines. This new doctrines started to spread and it began to be accepted as the correct teachings. This is now the Orthodox Christianity. This Orthodox Christianity became the source of new teachings of Christians. Absolute Christianity already lost its place so when ┬áthe original teachings are brought up, they are regarded as heresy or cult because they have already accepted the orthodox Christianity as real and perfect. This is just normal since the original teachings were buried by time and was erased from the heart of so many people. In the mid 20th century, Absolute heresy began to rise but it was regarded by Orthodox Christians as weird and unaccepted since they have already got used to the orthodox teachings. Absolute Christians and Orthodox Christians are now fighting. Absolute Christianity is spreading rapidly around the world although they are being persecuted by the world.